Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Mother and Wicca

She is really getting to me these days. She doesn't understand why I am Wiccan. She doesn't understand even what it is and refuses to let me talk to her about it. She is Catholic, as I have mentioned before. To her, everything really that isn't Catholic is bad. Moreover, everything that is not Christian is completely evil. So I am evil and am raising my daughters in evil.

I have tried on many occasions to try to help understand that Wicca is a beautiful. It is an honorable and loving faith, filled with reverence for nature and all forms of life. One of the main ideas of Wicca is the idea of harmony with nature. Harm none is key for me. True not all Wiccans follow the Rede, but I do and many others do as well. Personal responsibility is also key. I am responsible for my actions and, good or bad, I must face the consequences.

I completely respect Catholicism and all other religions as well. I admit not to completely understand all of them. But I love to learn about them. So why can't my own mother return the favor and at least try to learn about my faith?

These last couple of weeks she has be ranting about how badly I am raising my daughters. I am a single mom as will as a witch after all. She even called me on day last week to ask if I had remembered to feed my children. I was appalled that she would think that I was actually neglecting my daughters! I know she doesn't agree with my lifestyle but how could she question me being a good mother? I have given her no reason to think that I do anything but what is best for my daughters.

I just don't know what I can do to make her see that I am a good mother despite what she thinks. I love her to death. She was a good mother, if she was pretty strict. She is a fantastic grandmother! I will never deny that. So why can't just accept me for who I am?

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